Please address all correspondence to:

The Clerk
Aylesham House
Dorman Avenue South
01304 840377

PCSO Details
Emma Carmichael
07966 308 732
For reporting incidents dial 101




The name Aylesham is thought to derive from the old English ‘Aegeles ham’ meaning Aegel’s settlement. Though the name is old, Aylesham is a comparatively modern place chosen as the first of a number of new towns to be created in east Kent for miners working in the area’s coalfield.
During the 1920s renowned architect and town planner Sir Patrick Abercrombie was commissioned to design Aylesham by mine owners Pearson & Dorman Long who had acquired 600 acres of farmland a couple of miles from their colliery at Snowdown.
Sir Patrick’s vision was that Aylesham would be a self sufficient community of up to 15,000 residents living in 3,000 houses. It soon had its own primary and secondary schools, fire station, police station, choirs, railway station, Co-op store, social club, sports clubs, parish council and churches.
By the 1930s, the falling price of coal, economic depression and industrial unrest meant there was no money to continue with the plan and only 650 or so houses and a few community facilities were built. That didn’t stop many more miners moving to the area though. They had been forced to move south to look for work after mine closures in the north of England, Scotland and Wales.

RESIDENTS ARE ASKED TO TAKE NOTE that Friday 26th January 2018 will be the final monthly open surgery until further notice.
Unfortunately due to the lack of footfall, it has become necessary to retire the monthly surgery at this time.
Please note the following ways in which a resident can contact the Parish Council to discuss an issue:-

• Contact the Parish Clerk and/or Assistant Clerk on 01304 840377 Monday & Tuesday’s, 10:00 – 16:00pm.

• Contact an individual Parish Councillor direct by the details provided

• Email to

• Parish Council is open to residents to visit on Monday’s & Tuesday’s 10.00 a.m. – 12.00pm.

• Residents can also write to the Parish Clerk at Aylesham House, 3 Dorman Avenue North, Aylesham, Canterbury, CT3 3AD.

If you would like to meet directly with a Parish Councillor, appointments can be made through the Parish Clerk, who can then liaise with available Parish Councillors to meet with residents.

Residents are always welcome to attend the monthly Parish Council meetings, whereby questions and comments are welcomed, as long as prior notice is given to the Parish Clerk.  Parish Council Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month commencing at 19:00 at Aylesham House.

Due to the increased volume in meetings and workload which the Parish Council have had to undertake since the Aylesham Development began, we have to work smarter and find new ways to approach how the Parish Council conducts its business. We hope that residents appreciate our decision, which was not taken lightly and that this allows the Parish Council to become a more effective and efficient authority.


CHAIR: Joanne Cartledge 07540 286836
VICE-CHAIR: Mark Townsend 01304 841807
COUNCILLOR Chat Price 01304 840367
COUNCILLOR Bill Oliver 01304 842305
COUNCILLOR Kay Sutcliffe 01304 841401
COUNCILLOR Lee Prescott 01304 842151
COUNCILLOR Tommy Johnstone 07712 255889
COUNCILLOR Barbara Morgan 01304 841292

Parish Clerk Kate Razzell

Assistant Clerk Demi Jenkins