Report Street Issues and Littering

Dover District Council are urging the people of Aylesham to help keep streets tidy by using online forms to report littering and other crimes.

Local residents are welcome to use two Dover District Council forms found on its website to report dog fouling, litter and fly tipping.

Once completed, the forms – one for litter and dog fouling and another for fly tipping – will help guide council enforcement officers to patrol that area and issue penalty charge notices to anybody they see dropping litter, cigarette ends or not clearing up behind their dogs. The fine is £75.

The forms you need can be found via this link

If you wish to report antisocial behaviour of any kind, please phone Kent Police on 101 and leave a voice message or call DDC’s community safety unit on 01304 872289.

Dangerous vehicle parking can be reported to the council’s supervising civil enforcement officers on 01304 872064 or email”